Curtains & Blinds

Curtains & Blinds

Clean and fresh look adds new elegance to any room. It’s easy to overlook them. Like carpet, a good curtain also is a major investment and the life of your curtains can be naturally extended by cleaning them regularly Curtain & blinds are those places where dust, moisture and smells can accumulate easily. This turn will ruin their visual appearance and making the indoor atmosphere worse.

Do you need specialist curtain & blind cleaning company?

AU cleaning is the most efficient curtain & blind cleaning company in Melbourne for both residential and commercial properties at affordable prices. We provide a complete service for cleaning and refitting of curtain & blinds, can clean Venetian and different types of blinds.

Curtains Steam Cleaning:

curtain-cleaning-in-melbourneSteam cleaning of curtains is excellent choice for every heavy material fabric. It is one of the most suitable methods of curtains cleaning. With steam clean up system first we vacuum and then steam them. But before steam cleaning make sure that the steam won’t hurt or damage them by checking manufacturer’s label on curtains.

Blinds Cleaning:

Fresh clean blinds can give neat and beautiful to your room, giving a new outlook to your windows both inside and out. We wipe blinds with best cleaning solution chemicals which improve the atmosphere of your home and clean dust, dirt, mildew, nicotine and many other stains.


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