Regular House Keeping

Regular House Keeping

AU Cleaning Services offering the good housekeeping service with experienced staff as housekeepers for your help. We provide both weekly and daily services, throughout the Melbourne Region. Our regular housekeeping service is here to make your life easier by providing you with regular, thorough and healthy environment in your home.

Benefits of Weekly Cleaning Services

In our regular housekeeping service for your homes including room cleaning, kitchen cleaning, window cleaning, vacuuming all floors, dust blinds and ceiling fans, and polishing. Carpet steam cleaning can be provided in both bedrooms and common areas. Your house can be cleaned on a scheduled basis, including washroom, common areas.

We can provide regular or ad hoc in offices and commercial kitchen. Although we have a large amount of experience in the delivery of house cleaning services in Melbourne. We can provide you cleaning services daily, weekly or whenever you want in your busy schedule. We’re in your area so on your one call we can be serve you at your home very quickly, and we offer appointments throughout all working days and at weekends.


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